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    Our current location is only temporary. Our vision is to reach people Jesus died for and as we do, we will need larger facilities for even greater ministry. That's what our Building for Life Campaign is all about.
       We must move forward in faith to the next level of ministry.  We must acquire a building of our own in a strategic location that can be used 7 days a week for even greater ministry.

       In our new building, we see hundreds and hundreds of people reached for Jesus Christ.  We see children's classrooms where children are taught that God loves them, has a plan for their life and to love Jesus back.
       We see a youth center, that's fun, with programs that take kids off the streets and give them alternatives to what the world offers.

       We see a counseling center where guidance is given and hurting people and relationships are healed. 

       We see a facility where small groups can meet during the week, and lives can grow through God's word.

  See The Possibilities!

See an Empty Retail Center or office complex that can be converted into a church. See a building with the capacity to seat up to 1,000 people.  This facility could be remodeled to accommodate not only our adults, but also our children, teens and college age; each having their own rooms and areas designed for their needs and interests.

This Is Your Opportunity, to do something significant that will outlast your life.  This is your opportunity to make a permanent difference with your money and your time, to invest in something that will outlast yourself.  This is your opportunity to leave a legacy for your children and future generations.

Would You Pray With Me? If today you'd say, "Pastor, I want to be in on what God's doing, and I want my life to count for Jesus Christ.  I want to be a part of what God does in this church.  I'm going to pray faithfully, I'm going to support enthusiastically, I'm going to give sacrificially.  I want to be a part of something significant for God and I want something that's going to count for eternity."  If that's your desire, I invite you to join us as we believe God for a building of our own.  Don't do it because other people are doing it.  Do it if God has spoken to you.

       "Heavenly Father, here we are dedicating ourselves completely to You, to be used.  Use us, do a miracle through us.  Help us to see with eyes of faith.  Help us to put our priorities in order.  Lord, help us to remember that our lives will soon be past and only what's done for Christ will last.  Father, together we ask You to give us facilities in a visible location that we can use 24/7.  Give us victory over all the problems, just as You took care of the all of the giants for Israel.  We know that You are the same yesterday, today and forever.  Lord, show us how each of us can give sacrificially in ways we never even thought possible.  Speak to our hearts.  We know that we cannot out-give You.  Thank You, for the privilege of being in on what you're going to do.  Lord, You could have chosen other people just as You could have chosen other nations instead of Israel.  But You've allowed us to be at this point, at this time for this event, at this point in history.  Lord, help us to be the pioneers that are going to lay the foundations of future generations of blessing.  Lord, help us to care and commit, that many others will come to know You.  There will be people in heaven because of us.  Thank You for the privilege of allowing us to be a part of something so exciting, so challenging and so worthwhile.  Lord, we know there's nothing more significant in life than building Your kingdom.
In Jesus' name we pray, AMEN."

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