Our Vision

We see a new a nontraditional and multicultural church. We see a place where the hurting, the confused, the frustrated, the depressed can find love, hope, acceptance, forgiveness and guidance.

Three words best describe the style of this new church, Contemporary, Casual and Loving!

We see a church which is driven by purpose rather than programs. A church which seeks to build people through a process, rather than itself through buildings and personalities. We see a church of Love & Acceptance. A church which intentionally ministers to people on a level which they can understand.

We see a church, which although is very casual and contemporary in worship style; experiences the presence of the Holy Spirit in its worship experience. We see a contemporary band (electric guitars, drums, synthesizers,) and worship leaders, leading the congregation in contemporary praise songs, as we magnify God's presence.

We see a church committed to reaching people who aren't going to church. A church committed to the mission of sharing the Good News to an unchurched generation. As we reach out with hope & grace, we see thousands saved, brought into fellowship.

We see a church building people in spiritual maturity. A church which teaches God's Word in a simple and practical way, on a level which everyone can understand. A church which exalts the Lord by exalting His Word, the Bible, teaching unity in the essentials, liberty  in the nonessentials & above all committed to love..

We see the church growing larger and smaller at the same time; larger through weekend services, smaller through various small groups and ministries. We see thousands connecting in membership and small groups throughout the Sacramento metropolis. We see each group, nurtured and cared-for by a trained Group Pastor.

We see a church which provides its members unlimited ministry potential, through its Small Group, Jethro and Church Planting Strategies.  A church which is committed to cultivating spiritual gifts, helping each member fulfill their God given calling and ministry potential.  We see a church whose members are the ministers, we see hundreds of Group Pastors. A church which understands and applies the E4 (Eph. 4:11-14), the Timothy (2 Tim. 2:2) and Jethro Principles of ministry (Ex.18).

We see a church where its leaders release the people to the work of ministry and where the people release the leaders to give direction and vision.  A church led by the Founding Pastor and Leadership Team, who seek the mind of Christ and Biblical principles for its decision making.

Our Vision
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