There Are Opportunities for Everyone!
It's fun to be a part of something God is doing; something bigger than yourself. Something significant for God and there's nothing more significant that what God wants to do in our new church.
What God does in us and through us as we start this new church is going to far outlast anything else you do in life. It's going to far outlast your career, your achievements, your hobbies, your possessions or anything else you could give your live to. What we're doing together, what God is going to do through us, is going to make a difference in peoples lives; not just for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years here on earth, but for all eternity! And nothing is greater than that!
If you want to make your life count. If you want to invest your life into something that's going to outlast it, then get in on what God is doing in our new church.
Find a place to serve somewhere; we have dozens and dozen of opportunities; ministries positions to fill. Here are just a few of them:

                               Small Group Leaders
                               Men's Ministry Leader
                               Women's Ministry Leader
                               Children's Ministry Teachers & Assistant Leaders
                               Sr. High Ministry Leaders
                               Jr. High Ministry Leaders
                               Single's Community Leader
                               Senior's Ministry Leader
                               Hospitality Team volunteers
                               Administrative Assistants - computer skill graphics,
                               creating flyers, bulletins, sermon notes,  Bible study notes

                               Sound Board Ministry Team
                               Sunday Media Team
                               Sunday Set Up Team
                               Sunday Tear Down Team
                               Worship Singers
                               Band Musicians
                               Numerous Other Positions / Ministries!

I don't believe you're reading this by accident. There's a Master Designer, a Grand Design to our church and to your life. You are a person of destiny and God has brought you're here at a strategic time, to a strategic place for a strategic purpose. I invite you to get in on something brand new from the very beginning; to help start something significant for God from the ground up. The single greatest thing you may ever do with your life is to get in on what God is doing in our new church.

Yes, pastor Ray I want to get in on what God is doing.
I want to serve somewhere.
Please have somebody contact me to
help me get connected in a ministry.

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